Blacklist removal service. The main information.

Blacklist removal service is a team of specialists from Ukraine. Our team having experience in information technology for about 20 years. We have acquired certain skills and by order of clients we perform domain or IP address analysis. Check domain reputation and whether it is on blacklists. If your domain is on the blacklist, we evaluate the possible reasons for this. Than we offer a set of measures to fix the causes of blacklisting, as well as removing your IP address from the lists.


Email blacklist removal steps


  • We inspect the log files of your server, the correct settings in the DNS control panel records. Then verify the correct settings of the mail server, which allows you to determine the reason for blocking your server
  • We carry out the procedure of removing your domain from the black lists, which provide removal in manual mode
  • Blacklist removal service do not support our own blacklists, we cannot manage the blacklists of other organizations. So we cannot guarantee 100% removal of your server from the lists. We carry out a set of measures that enhance the reliability and reputation of your domain, which in turn is the key to successful removal of third-party organizations from blacklists.
  • During the week, we monitor your mail server to make sure that the problems are resolved

Why was your domain blacklisted?


Each blacklist applies its own criteria, which records the IP addresses of mail servers. The reasons are different and they all say that your server has security problems or you have taken actions that resulted in the blocking of your mail server. The most common reasons why locking occurs are:

  • Incorrect mail server configuration
  • The mail server does not support DKIM, DMARC, and other technologies.
  • Problems with the security of the mail server operating system
  • Problems with the security of the Web server, which is on the same IP address along with the mail server
  • A web site (or several web sites) was hacked, which is on the same IP address along with the mail server
  • Other reasons

Domain blacklist check procedure.

To do this, you can use one of the free online services that allow you to automatically check your IP address or domain on many blacklists.

The most famous online services for checking black lists:











Following the email blacklist removal process.

As stated earlier, each organization that maintains its blacklist adheres to certain rules, according to which the domain is listed. Also, each organization has its own removal procedure from the black list. The two main options for deleting from the list are:

  • The IP address is automatically removed from the list when a certain time passes during which, on your mail server, problems were fixed and unsolicited mailings were stopped.
  • The IP address must be deleted manually, following certain rules


That does not make sense to go through the procedure of deleting from the black list until all the reasons for which the blocking of your IP address has been fixed. Otherwise, you will waste time and money in vain.

Some organizations allow you to remove the domain from the black list for free only once, all subsequent attempts to remove them from the list are made on a fee basis. Also, you will lose a certain amount of money when your business is idle due to a non-functioning mail system.

Blacklist removal service is  ready to help you and will not take money from you when we cannot guarantee the result. Trust our team and our experience. Do not doubt and do not hesitate, just contact us and tell us about your problem.