About us

Blacklist removal service (BLRS) was founded in Ukraine as division of SEO agency.

Our company is a team of professionals with twenty years of experience in the IT industry. In our work we are closely connected with the deployment of virtual private servers, web servers, mail servers.We were worked with the web sites and virtual private servers (VPS) of our clients. They repeatedly turned to us for help in solving various technical problems. One of them is the blocking of the mail server serving their web sites. We had some knowledge and skills in setting up servers and, if possible, provided services for setting up mail and removing the domain from the blacklists. When we acquired good experience in this area, we decided to single out a separate unit that solves the problems of blocking mail servers.


The benefits that you get when working with blacklist removal service (BLRS)


  • We are confident in our abilities and will not take payment if we cannot be sure that we can help solve your problem
  • We spend a seven-day monitoring of the mail server in order to be sure that we have fixed the problem and everything is working correctly
  • We have encountered customer problems and successfully solved them
  • Our team is from Ukraine and we can offer a competitive price for a decent level of service


It is very important to start the procedure of deleting from blacklists as early as possible. As long as there is a breach in the system, your mail server will get into an increasing number of blacklists and recovering the reputation of your domain will cost much more effort and money.


We are on call every day and are ready to join the work as soon as possible.

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