Hotmail blocks sender

What does it mean?

Many mail server owners are faced with the problem of delivering messages to such well-known email systems as Hotmail and Google. In that case the recipient can’t see the e-mails in “incoming folder”. And even In a case of the successful delivery not every user can check mailbox’s “Junk Folder” where the letters from senders often appears in many reasons.

There are many cases when customers are setting up a new web server and also needed to setup the company’s mail server that will serve the web sites.

Often the deploying a new infrastructure or migrating from one server to another  are performing by low-skilled specialists. This happens when there is a need to save money on the services of professional administrators. In this case, the installation of mail server will be done not properly and the security of the mail server will be compromised. In case of serious security problems, the mail server will be hacked and the spam mailing can begin. This will bring domain name into the blacklist.

Also, there are no rare cases when the security of the server is not broken, but it has an incorrect configuration. As a result, e-mails will not be delivered to all recipients.

Hotmail blocks a sender.

All modern mail systems support spam protection and filtering technologies to better recognize the authenticity of emails. Those technologies are: SPF, DKIM and DMARC.

Microsoft’s Hotmail system delivers of incoming e-mails thorough many filters. In  a case your mail server does not support DKIM and DMARC technologies Hotmail blocks a sender and e-mail will not be delivered to the recipient. If your mail server is not listed in public or private blacklists your mail could be delivered to the Hotmail’s addressee, but your email will go to the mailbox and will appear in “Junk Folder”. That gives a certain number of inconveniences and problems. At the most inopportune moment, your mail system will let you down. It can cause financial damage, damage your business, worsen your reputation.

If you encounter such problems, do not waste time. All you need to do is contact us. We have all the necessary experience to make your email system reliable and save you from problems with the delivery of your email.